A Glimpse into Screening – Fun Facts

Below is a post that a member of my team wrote to share with the entire organization via our intranet.  It was one of several posts we made for sort of an “Intranet takeover week” that our team did to share more insight into what our department looks like.  


Happy Monday from the Screening team!

We’d like to share some fun facts that you might not know about our department.

Did you know:

  • On a surgeon screening day we have up to 60 patients come for consultation.
  • A patient usually has 4 interactions (appointments) when they come: nurse, physician, surgeon, and nurse again. If you add the numbers, that is up to 240 meetings with our patients throughout the day!
  • Every week we give out appointments for surgery but we also have to say no to patients all throughout the field service.
  • Going over a patient’s history is a complex task that can take up to one hour
  • We are not only focused on the current field service but also planning every day for screening in the next country
  • On a daily basis we interact with nearly twenty work areas on the ship—see if yours is listed!
    • Reception
    • Security
    • Pharmacy
    • Wards
    • Eye/dental teams
    • Supply
    • Galley
    • Communications
    • Hospital chaplaincy
    • Dietician
    • Physicians
    • Outpatients
    • Admissions
    • Radiology
    • Lab
    • Hope Centre
    • OR/OR office
    • Transportation

Therefore if you talk with any of us at the end of a screening day, now you can understand why our heads are in outer space!