A Glimpse into Screening – The Greeting

Screening Team members Harmen, Kayla, Stella, and Albert welcome the patients on the dock that have come for Screening appointments.  

Below is another post from our intranet take over week written by screening nurse, Rachel Lappin.  

Screening has one of the biggest privileges of getting to greet the patients for the first time they come to the ship.  It’s the favorite part of my day, despite my blurry eyes as I wait for my coffee to kick in.  This is sometimes the first contact our potential patients have with Mercy Ships – the moment we begin building relationship with them, even from a simple smile or wave.  It’s often the simple things that bridge the gap between us and them and helps us earn their trust.  No matter how tired I feel, seeing their smiling faces and the glimmer of hope and expectancy in their eyes makes my heart leap!  Hearing them giggle and laugh amongst themselves as you attempt to greet them in their own language is priceless!  …I just wish each of you could experience the joy of this precious moment!