I am a Registered Nurse with over 9 years of experience in critical care, burns, pediatric emergency nursing, and global health.  This website is where I post periodic updates of my work with Mercy Ships.

I have a combined total of 5 years working with Mercy Ships, a global charity, providing free surgical services and medical capacity building on a hospital ship, the Africa Mercy.  My role is called Screening Supervisor and I manage and lead the team involved in the recruitment and selection of the patients that receive life-changing surgeries onboard.

To see a visual representation of what we do, head over to the “before & after” page to see photos of patients that had surgery on the Africa Mercy while we were in Guinea in 2012/2013.  Also, visit  Mercy Ships page to learn more.

Additionally, a blog post I wrote in the summer of 2012 here might be of interest as it briefly explains my transition to working with Mercy Ships.

Nearly everyone onboard from the captain to the cooks is a volunteer, including me.  To off-set the massive cost of operating a top-notch hospital ship we all pay monthly crew fees and are responsible for all other personal expenses including travel to and from the ship.  If you are interested in supporting my volunteer work with Mercy Ships please visit the donate page or contact me.

Thanks!  I really couldn’t be here without you.


Nate Claus

Screening Supervisor 



*The content on this website does not necessarily reflect the views of Mercy Ships nor any other organization of which I am affiliated.