To offset the massive cost of operating a hospital ship, Mercy Ships uses a unique model of having each volunteer raise money and pay for their own expenses.

I have committed to working with Mercy Ships for 2 years starting July 2015.  Together with Mercy Ships, I have set a budget of $1225 / month to cover my crew fees (room and board), insurance, flights, and various small living expenses during the years I am working the organization.  I’ve happily poured a lot of my savings into this work over the years and I will continue to do that as much as needed. For this to be sustainable, however, I’m asking for help as awkward and uncomfortable as that sometimes can be.

Raising support/funding my “salary” through donations from family and friends is a rare concept and strange for many people. It’s still a bit weird even for me who has done this before.  However, this unique model has some cool, positive aspects to it.  The part I like most, and the part that I want to do my best to relay, is that donors have a sense of being partners in the work themselves. I’ve been humbled by the amazing support I’ve had over the years and truly mean it when I say that all the people that have supported me financially and in other ways over the years feel like trusted colleagues in the work I do on the ship and the work we do as a whole in Mercy Ships. It’s such a privilege for me to share this with others.

Below is a pie chart of where the $1225 I am to raise each month will go.


To become a supporter, please visit my Mercy Ships Donor Page or click the button below.


 I would love to share periodic updates with anyone interested in the work.  At a minimum I’ll commit to:

-blog post every other Wednesday (biweekly)

-more in-depth Newsletter (every six weeks via email)

-some kind of snail mail (every six months)

Thank you for considering partnering with me in this work.  I could not be doing this without the amazing generosity and support of others.